Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cafe Pacific

My budgets been a little tight lately, due to the fact that I was forced to write a check for way more than my checking account had. Taxes. No one ever really explained them to me, and suddenly I am forced to write a check that puts my stomach in knots. So, to un-knot my stomach, I decided to have a budget friendly lunch at Cafe Pacific. Ha. Well, when I say I decided to have lunch there, I mean, I walked into my dad's office and said "hey, do you want a salad from Cafe Pacific?" He responded yes, which meant that clearly he had to pay. So I asked my other two sisters what they wanted, and I called in the order. I ordered the Oriental Chicken Salad for my dad and I, and a house salad w/ crab cakes/shrimp for the other two idiots. When I pulled up to the valet, they looked concerned. Probably because last time I was there, I forgot my wallet, left my cell phone in my car, and had to have them pull around twice and almost drive me to Tom Thumb to cash a check. So, before I ventured from the office yesterday, I made sure to bring my wallet (or at least my fathers Visa). So, I left my car running in the middle of the street while I ran inside, and people gawked at me because who am I to leave my YUKON there--only Maserati's and Ferrari's are allowed to do that in HP Village. Blow me, HP, I don't want to park.

So, I pick up our 4 salads and got the bill. 76$. That seems reasonable for 4 lunchtime salads. Ya right, for that 76$ I could have gotten 76 things from the Sonic Value menu, and I would have been five times as happy (and fat). Anyways, the smell that came from a mixture of crab cakes, shrimp, and potato soup was interesting to say the least. The salad was presented beautifully, but the dressing on the side looked like a glob of beige mayonnaise. And we know how I feel about mayo (basically only for the blocked arteried people). So, I was disappointed from the get-go. My dad looked over me with such a judgemental look, and I knew he was thinking "Am I allowed to fire my own daughter for f-ing up lunch?" What sucked so bad too, is that my two sisters salads looked delicious, with just the right amount of vinaigrette (spelling?). Lauren didn't eat her potato soup because, quote, "Care-you know I only eat the potato soup from La Madeline--they like, invented potato soup." I kid you not. So, on my salad, the chicken was perfectly sliced and the lettuce was crispy and delicious. So, was it really that bad? No, but I was an idiot and didn't ask for soy sauce to mix with wasabi to use as salad dressing. So did I f it up, or did they?

I hate being wrong, but I was the one who messed up, it was the first time I have EVER been wrong in my life, so it was difficult to cope. Honestly, I love Cafe Pacific. Any place that serves complimentary sweet potato strings with TWO types of bread and whipped butter--they have my heart. And my loyalty. Now I just need a new car so that the valet situation isn't so embarrassing ;)

Next time I go, I will ask for soy sauce, and give them my compliments, and possibly have a lunch-time martini, since that's what I really wanted.

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